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Polyester fiber nonwoven fabric, needlepunched and impregnated with synthetic latex. 


Non-woven fabric for the manufacture of templates for glued and sewn assembly systems. Different materials are available depending on the quality of the fabric and its impregnation.

Texon 97

It is a high quality non-absorbent non-woven insole material designed for use in bonded or sandal (Billy) footwear. It can be used with or without inner insole and can be used in Goodyear welted footwear with or without inner reinforcement, providing excellent bonding. Suitable for moisture resistant footwear. Available in water-repellent and antistatic versions.


It is a material similar to Texon 97 but somewhat more absorbent. Good value for money product.


Basic material in the range. It is a competitive material for the manufacture of economical candlesticks.

Texon 90

Very high quality nonwoven fabric. It is ideal for high performance footwear where torsional strength, good abrasion resistance and a high flex index are desired. 40% of its composition is recycled fibers.

Texon 70

Non-woven fabric of very high quality, sandwich type manufacture with a vinyl sheet in the center; which makes it excellent when looking for a shoe that is in contact with water. (hunting, military, golf…etc.) Antistatic.

Texon 50

A non-woven insole material designed for use in safety footwear that meets BS 2050 and DIN 4843 specifications for ESD (electrostatic discharge) or antistatic applications. Also available in stiffer and softer versions.

Texon 93

It is a very dense non-woven insole material designed for use in very demanding conditions such as a military boot. 33% of its composition is recycled fibers.

Texon Knox

It is a two-layer anti-puncture fabric material resistant to nails and any type of sharp object. It is certified according to CSA Z195, ASTM F2413-11 and EN12568: 2010 (zero nail penetration). It is supplied in three categories: insulating, antistatic and conductive and complies with the requirements of ESD ISO 20344: 2004 Clause for safety footwear components.


Polyester fiber nonwoven fabric needlepunched with a polypropylene raffia and impregnated with synthetic latex. This material is very resistant to elongation, which makes it ideal for Strobel mounting. There are different materials depending on their quality and performance:

Texon 37

is a non-woven webbing material designed for use in Strobel fabrication. It is dimensionally stable and provides excellent stitch and stretch resistance. 100% of its fibers are recycled and represent 56% of the total material weight.

Texon 31

Very high quality nonwoven fabric. It is a premium version of Texon 37.

Texon Sprint

It uses a chain stitch (malivlies) manufacturing method that takes the fibers from within the fabric to create a stitch that is an integral part of the product structure. Developed especially for the Strobel system, it has been approved for use in high-performance footwear by leading sports footwear manufacturers. It should be noted that 80% of its composition is recycled fibers.


It is a material of natural vegetable fibers (cellulose) that is manufactured in wet-web process paper machine with different binders that provide the technical qualities for the manufacture of insoles. All our cellulose is FSC certified (wood from reforested forests).

SATRA divides the qualities in 4 groups according to the following material performances: Flexural Index, Delamination Resistance, Bonding Behavior, Abrasion Resistance, Stitching Behavior, Fungus Resistance mainly. The products we have from basic to top quality are as follows:

Texon Stride

Basic material made of cellulose fibers with a 30% component of recycled fibers. Good quality-price ratio. It belongs to Satra group IV. Also available in a stiffer version called Stride +. Recommended for casual and dress footwear. 30% of its composition is recycled fibers.

Texon Ecosole 100

Group IV cellulose whose main virtue is that it is the most ecological and sustainable product in the range: 85% of its composition is recycled fibers.

Texon 501

Group IV cellulose with a slightly higher level of technical performance (better flex index and higher resistance to delamination).

Texon 2000

Group III cellulose recommended by Inescop for the manufacture of quality soles for women’s high-heeled shoes. It is already a medium-high quality. The good abrasion resistance of the material allows it to be used directly against the foot. Apart from dress footwear, it can also be used in children’s footwear and standard level sports footwear.

Texon 480

Group II cellulose. Its level of performance and quality allows it to be used in the manufacture of uppers for high-level sports footwear and work or safety boots.

Texon 411

Group I cellulose, manufactured with a copper dusting inside, especially for antistatic work boots. Its technical performance allows it to be used in Goodyear Welt, Injected and Vulcanized construction.

Texon 437

Special Group I cellulose for the manufacture of top quality footwear in Goodyear Welt construction type. It meets the best technical features of flexibility and a great behavior to the gluing of the wall and subsequent splicing.


Cardboard specially made for the manufacture of insoles. It is the complement that reinforces the cellulose insole at the heel, giving it more body and the possibility of breaks and heights. There are two types of cardboard:

Thin Cardboard

This material calibrates between 0.80 mm – 1.20 mm and goes on top of the sandwich strip. There are three grades:

Red Painted Cardboard

Basic Cardboard

Semi-vulcanized cardboard

Blend of normal and vulcanized fiber

Vulcanized Cardboard

100% vulcanized fiber, which offers greater rigidity to the insole.

Thick cardboard

This material calibrates between 1.25 mm – 3.00 mm and goes in the lower part of the insole (sandwich-strip). In addition to providing greater rigidity or body, it allows for the attachment of the shank to the structure of the insole. There are two qualities:

Standard Quality

Medium density material with moderate calendering.

Extra Quality

High density material with superior calendering, which provides greater hardness.