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Non-woven heel lining + comfort additives. Also known as sweater.


It is an open-cell, breathable and lightweight polyurethane foam generally used for technical parts in certain areas of the insole. Depending on its hardness, resilience, etc., we will achieve one mechanical effect or another (impact absorption, rebound effect, cushioning, etc.).

Clavos y Simientes

steel articles that serve to fix the heels (nails) and the heel and side trim assembly to the structure of the shoe (Seeds).

Colas Termoplásticas

Hot-melt adhesives, which are hot-machine applied and harden upon cooling. The following items are available:

(a) Polyester in bead: Special for use on centering and tip mounting machines.
b) Polyamide in cord: Specially for use in side mounting machines.
c) Polyamide in pieces: Special for hemming and side mounting machines.
d) Polyamide in cord or pieces: Glue for making stops on BTA machines.